lost pictures/my documents

  Newuser2575 22:21 14 May 03

hiya,I'm not a whizz with IT as you'll gather very shortly, but here we go, I have a Kodak easyshare camera + docking station etc, & everything was fine, saving my photos to disc etc, but whilst in my doc's a right click was made & choice of options to open the file, wrong one was clicked & and I lost all my jpeg format, I've had some success with images under Kodak pictures in the Kodak file of My Doc's but no response to my other pictures, I've had the dialogue box up again but cannot see anything that looks like a jpeg symbol. Put simply I cannot view pictures, or save to disc, I can take it back to registary, but I'll lose a lot of photos, pls dont mention back up,thanks apple.

  DieSse 22:58 14 May 03

What you've probably done is not lost your pictures, but incorrectly set the wrong program to use for them.

Can you still see the files themselves?

If so, hold down the shift key, and at the same time, right click on one of the picture files. You should get a menu, on which it says "Open with ..."

Click th open wth, then you will get a list of programs you could use to open the file. You need to choose the program you used to use for this (forget about the icons, just concentrate on the program names).

If you can't remember, try selecting Internet Explorer, or Phot Editor, or similar. If you have to try a few to get back to the correct one, don't worry.

When you make the selection you should see a small box marked "Always open with this program" (or similar) - put a tick in it, and whatever you choose will be used subsequently also.

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