lost photo

  chrissy1 21:08 28 Jan 08

installed Picasa.....dicided to uninstall...now lost a photo....any way of getting it back? No where to be found.

  bluto1 22:05 28 Jan 08

I use a program called Digital Image Recovery.
Type it into Google and you'll get it. It's free and it will collect every digital image on your hard drive.
Another I've just remembered is reinstall Picassa. I believe it does a search of it's own.

Warning. I did a search of one of my HDDs and D.I.Recovery picked up 7.8 GB of images.

  birdface 10:49 29 Jan 08

I don't know if this will help.Its free and from the makers of C Cleaner.click here

  chrissy1 22:06 29 Jan 08

Thanks for replies.....have tried all that was suggested but no luck.....have had others sent but would love to know if there was a way......

  Blackhat 23:47 29 Jan 08

Did you by any chance edit the photo you have lost? If so the original will be in a hidden folder creatd by Picasa. I had a similar problem and eventualy found the hidden folder. This is from Picasa info site;

'When you save a photo in Picasa, we create an edited copy of the photo and move the original to a subfolder called “Originals.” The "Originals" subfolder is hidden on your computer, and will not be visible in Picasa. This automatic backup allows you to undo or revert your saves'.

If it is there you need to search hidden folders.

  bluto1 22:54 30 Jan 08

Thank you for that info, and I hope chrissy comes back to see it.

  birdface 11:03 31 Jan 08

From another thread.click here

  chrissy1 18:18 03 Feb 08

Have tried all but with no luck....had another one sent.......

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