Lost Passwords

  bringtheswagback 08 Feb 12

I use google chrome and the passwords are not available on the under the hood option even when i know i clicked saved and i need to find out the password to a particular site, however the email i signed up with became hacked a while ago so i was asking is it possible to recover all passwords that i have used on my laptop even if not stored in the manage password area. Some help would be really appreciated. x

  rdave13 08 Feb 12

Never used it but have a look here.

  catpwss 08 Feb 12

I thought that the passwords were under personal stuff in chrome,That's where mine are?.

  Woolwell 08 Feb 12

Unlike Firefox I don't think that you can view the actual password in Chrome.

SIW will show some passwords.

  catpwss 08 Feb 12

Just a thought didn't you have the password written down on paper suerly you mus have a backup of all you passwords??

  robin_x 08 Feb 12

If you Install LastPass, it asks to go and get all your passwords that it can find and keep them in the 'Vault'.

When you login to LastPass and open your Vault, you can Edit any of your sites and Show Password.

(Write down your Master Password and keep somewhere convenient but away from computer.)

  proudfoot 30 Mar 12

LastPass is the best Password Manager I have found, I also can recommend it. I use it as a Firefox Addon. I believe it will work with other browsers but do not know how to install it.

  lotvic 30 Mar 12

This is an OLD Thread - nearly 2 months old and original Thread starter has never responded to any posts. A spam post brought thread up (FE has deleted the spam post) Don't waste your time with further advice.


This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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