lost names on folder and pictures

  March Wind 13 Aug 12

I have lost the titals in My Pictures. I cannot see the names of the pictures or folders. I know I have to click on View Lists but then I have forgotten what else I have to do to bring the titals back.

  northumbria61 14 Aug 12

Check through this - enter link description here

  March Wind 14 Aug 12

Not sure how to do this I know I can see the file names once I open up the folders but not in the Picture folder itself. I clicked on the first folder in My Pictures held the shift key down doubled clicked now I have lost the file names in the folder also along with the file names in the main folder (My Pictures) could you please tell me in your own words what I should do. I was once told to click on File / Lists? then something else and all the names came back but now will they come back in the folders Once I have got them back that is but How

  northumbria61 14 Aug 12

I haven't experienced this before so can't really fully explain although I have been trying to replicate your problem but can't.

Maybe this link will be easier to follow - enter link description here

If it has only just recently happened why not consider a system restore to a time just prior to the problem occurring?

  March Wind 15 Aug 12

I have remembered the cure. Click on View / Lists. Then hold down shift key and click on thumb nails in view. The file names come back. Thank you for offering to help. I hope I have helped you with the answer

  lotvic 15 Aug 12

northumbria61, steady now... count to 10 ;)

We're glad you got it sorted out March Wind


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