Lost my Hotmail error showing in calendar

  eysha1 24 Feb 13

I cannot get to sign into my hotmail as it tells me the following.

Windows Live mail could not be started. Your calender contains corrupt data that is forcing Windows live messenger to close. (0x8000400z)

How do i fix this problem? I even downloaded the programme again but no luck. Many thanks in advance. E. Will keep checking back for replies as i cannot get mail.

  chub_tor 24 Feb 13

A couple of things to try first...

  1. Use System Restore to go back to a point before the problem existed.

  2. Instead of using the Uninstall/re-install routine in Control Panel use the Repair Live Mail option instead.

If neither of those works there is another option by deleting the Calendar folder but you will need to know how to show Hidden Folders for that.

  eysha1 24 Feb 13

Thanks Chub-tor, done all that so how do i find the hidden folder to delete the calendar? and is there only one calendar that i can delete, just so i don't mess up and delete soemthing i shouldn't. Thanks. E.

  woodchip 24 Feb 13

seen it somewhere that hotmail is being replaced by outlook

  eysha1 24 Feb 13

Maybe but i would like to get mine fixed now if possible. Thanks woodchip.

  chub_tor 24 Feb 13

Did neither of the first two work?

To show hidden files go to Control Panel, Appearance & Personalisation, Folder Options, Show Hidden Files and Folders, you should then see a menu that you can scroll down and tick Show hidden files, folders and drives.

Now use Windows Explorer and go to Users (your username)>AppData>Local>Microsoft>Windows LiveMail and rename the Calendars folder (eg oldcalendars). Or you can delete the Calendars file.

Go back to the Desktop and see if LiveMail now opens. The calendar folder should be automatically remade but if not go back to Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall a program scroll down to Windows Live and choose Repair.

Let us know how you get on.

  eysha1 25 Feb 13

Looked through all the windows stuff and cannot find a calendar anywhere.

  chub_tor 25 Feb 13

The calendar is hidden, did you first of all go to Folder Options to shown Hidden Files and Folders? If so did you find AppData?

  eysha1 26 Feb 13

Yes, followed all your isntructions to the letter but couldn't find a calendar anywhere and i looked in all the folders. I even did a search for it too but no luck. I have tried the repair thing too and it didn't work. I am lost.

  chub_tor 26 Feb 13

What folders do you have in AppData? I have three - Local, LocaLow & Roaming.


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