Lost my external Hard Drive

  dfb70uk 12:11 03 Jun 14

Changed from XP to Windows 7. Just got around to doing a back up, pluged in my external HD and it is not recognised. Help please. Davy

  Jollyjohn 12:19 03 Jun 14

A few more details please. What error message, if any do you get. Does anything else work in that USB socket.
Is your drive getting enough power, my ext HDD has two plugs and on some machines I need to plug them both in to get enough power to run it.

  BRYNIT 13:01 03 Jun 14

Check if the drive is showing in disk manager.

Click on start, right click on computer and select Manage/disk management does you external drive show, if you can see the drive does it have a drive letter assigned? if not right click on the drive, select change drive letter and paths/add and assign a drive letter.

  ChemlineDorno 13:23 03 Jun 14

Your external Hard Drive may be corrupted but you can recover all data from you corrupt hard by third party data recovery software like Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

  dfb70uk 11:20 04 Jun 14

Thanks everybody, No error message does not show on disk manager, has its own PU. can hear ablip when I switch iy on, works ok on XP machine usb ok, must be driver or someyhing. iomega say the model i have uses windows driver not theirs. Dave

  dfb70uk 12:44 04 Jun 14

Windows does see it but says no driver On installing the driver says is (the driver that is)is corrupted . It is suppose to be plug and play I ask you! I don't know where I go from here. Dave

  Jollyjohn 13:06 04 Jun 14

On the XP machine, copy everything off the ext hdd.

Connect it to W7 machine. Follow BRYNIT's post to check under disk management. Format the drive and assign a drive letter. Unplug and plug in again to a different usb skt - What happens?

  dfb70uk 12:38 12 Jun 14

Am afraid it was another virus or malware of some sort so much for Mcafee gone to Kasperski now and hope. Dave

  dfb70uk 14:29 14 Aug 14

Was A virus Dave

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