lost MSA64CHK.dll

  Blubottle 14:33 04 Oct 04

Following a Maleware scan using "A squared 2" anti piracy software it reported that a trojan download had attached to my MSA64CHK.dll and advised removal,this I did but of course it also removed the dll file which I obviously need, the question is were can I get it replaced from. O/S win2K.

  OwenLotts 14:41 04 Oct 04
  OwenLotts 14:42 04 Oct 04

However are you sure you need it back and it's not just a part of the dialler???

  OwenLotts 14:44 04 Oct 04

The more i read the more i think you don't need it. Let me guess you are getting errors on start up....

  bof:) 12:31 02 Nov 04

Hi Blubottle, I'm currently trying to solve this problem for a neighbours friend who is getting a message at bootup saying this file is missing.

How did you solve this?

(The message appeared after a virus scan by AVG detected a problem...she also deleted the file because it wouldnt heal.)

She is using XP home. I'd be very grateful if you let me kow how you sorted this out....please,


  Dan the Confused 12:46 02 Nov 04

It's called Mostrar Dialer click here

  bof:) 13:14 02 Nov 04

Thanks Dan the Confused, once again I'm in your debt.

I've just emailed the instructions to my neighbours friend but I'm not sure how much she will understand. Thats the problem with long distance phoning. I have suggested she joins this site but she was hesitant. I'll have another go I think.


Thanks again

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