Lost the Internet sxplorer Icon

  micemews 26 Apr 12

The Internet Explorer Icon normally appears on the task bar when I start my PC. Today I dragged it accidentally somewhere, I don't know where, but now it does not appear on the task bar on start up. Could anyone tell me please how to put it back. Thanks

  KRONOS the First 26 Apr 12
  Sea Urchin 26 Apr 12

Maybe you accidentally shortened your Quick Launch Toolbar and the icon has become hidden. Right click the Taskbar and select Lock the Taskbar to unlock it. Then drag your Quick Launch bar to make it wider and it may appear. Then lock the Taskbar again.

If that doesn't work then follow Chronus' advice, and then once it is displayed on the Desktop just drag it down into the position you require.

  micemews 26 Apr 12

Thanks for your replies. Firstly let me say I am using Wiondows xp. I have tried widening the taskbar as suggested by sea urchin, but it wont go any wider. What I think I did when I lost it was to accidentially drag it off the taskbar. In view of this information is your advice now to go ahead and follow the advice of Chronus. Thanks

  Sea Urchin 26 Apr 12

Sorry been out all evening. I didn't mean to try and enlarge the Taskbar, but to unlock the Quick launch bar as described above and then drag the dotted lines to the right along the Taskbar to make it wider (from left to right).

It sounds as though the icon may have been dropped into another folder on the desktop. Yes, recreate the icon. Easiest way in XP is to click Start - All Programs - right click on Internet Explorer and hover over Send To. Select Desktop (Create Shortcut) then drag that icon onto the Quick Launch Toolbar. Make sure it is locked afterwards - should have a tick against it as described above.

  micemews 27 Apr 12

Thanks Sea Urchin. I have been out all evening too.I have done what you suggested and Internet Explorer is now on my taskbar. Thanks also Chronus.


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