Lost Info on getting photoes onto disk

  User-178362 23:03 08 Jul 05

I have lost the e mails I received, I had three the very same I deleted two, now I have lost one, but I did not understand the answers. Why do I have e mails that say the very same?

Not sure how I put my pic on disk, Tecno Tiger helped me. They say files currently on disk and the Icons are clear but above in a folder saying My Pictures it says file ready to be writen to CD and when I click on it the icons are blured.

On the files that say files currently on CD it says files are read only, but it also tels me I can copy files that will replace them which I do not want to.

When I am typing this out is there a way of highligting and checking spelling? as you can see I'm a lady in need of help.

Hope you can understand all of this.

  Kev.Ifty 23:10 08 Jul 05

AY? Are you using Outlook Express? Cos you can click on the Deleted Items folder and retrieve deleted emails!


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