lost icons

  2020 11:43 04 Oct 05

hi, its like a gremlin as be at the puter. on my sisters puter all the family have their own deskops, on booting up yesterday each of them found that most of their desktop shortcuts were gone, one had a folder with the unsued shortcuts, however none have been prompted to clean up unsued items or any similar prompt. additionally i had office on the start up and now it is only accessed through one of the users, wheni typed office 97 in RUN no results came up but i did access it when i went into the other users desktop. whats going on ?

  Jackcoms 11:45 04 Oct 05

Have you tried System Restore?

  MAJ 12:02 04 Oct 05

"Desktop Cleanup" will run every 60 days by default, 2020. You can stop it by right-clicking on your (or other uers) Desktop, choose Properties > Desktop tab and click the "Customize Desktop" button and untick the "Run the desktop cleanup wizard every 60 days" box, click, OK, Apply and OK to exit.

  2020 12:16 04 Oct 05

hi to you maj and jackcoms thanks for that. i have just discovered another problem when i try to run SFC a black small screen appears for a second then nothing so how can i run it?

  MAJ 12:21 04 Oct 05

If you're using Windows XP, 2020, the command to run the System File Checker is "sfc /scannow" (without the quote marks, but with the space after sfc)

  2020 14:43 04 Oct 05

thaks MAJ tried this and get message 'windows cannot find sfc/scannow try again'

  2020 14:45 04 Oct 05

also just remembered that i have only had new hard drive installed about one month so the 60 day thing should not apply? and i am running xp home

  MAJ 15:40 04 Oct 05

It's not sfc/scannow, 2020, it's sfc /scannow with a space after the sfc bit.

  De Marcus™ 15:44 04 Oct 05

copy and paste from MAJ

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 04 Oct 05

Where did my icons go?
If all of your desktop icons are missing, right click on the Desktop, select Arrange Icons By, then select Show Desktop Icons
click here

  2020 17:28 04 Oct 05

hi again, i have copied and pasted first nothing, then black screen header C:\windows\system32\sfc.exe but nothing happens.
also Fruit Bat /\0/\ this will only restore the icons left but not the ones that have disappeared. don't know if this is related but the computer is running like dog

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