Lost Hard Drive Capacity

  GKenn01 10:00 22 Jan 03
  GKenn01 10:00 22 Jan 03

A week ago programs started to crash on my Tiny PC, when I tried to reset the pc it refused to boot up windows. If I left it switched off for an hour or so later rebooted Windows reloaded as normal only for it a short time later to freeze and crash again. At this stage I used my Tiny Restore disc and rebooted. The problem still occured. When I investigated my C Drive I noticed that my drive capacity was 9.3 GB instead of the usual 40 GB. I have run the usual Windows ME tools to try na drestore back the lost 30GB of memory to no avail. Sysytem info is showing me that my HD capacity is still 40 GB but windows is only utilising the 9.3GB. Any help / instructions as to how to restore the Harddrive capacity to its 40GB would be very much appreciated.

  Tog 10:18 22 Jan 03

The HDD may be a symptom and not the cause. Have you checked your fans/CPU temp?

  bof:) 10:19 22 Jan 03

Hi GKenn01,

have you checked that your fan above your CPU is working ok? It could be that the chip is over heating and there is an automatic cut off on some motherboards.

If you have a look in the downloads section on this site, you can get free progs that monitor the temp of your CPU.

where you getting any error messages or does PC just freeze?

have you downloaded/installed any programs before the freezesstarted?

which operating system are you using?



  GKenn01 10:49 22 Jan 03

In response to me query

I have taken the back of the PC and the main fan is still functioning ok. I am therefore right to presume that the motherboard is functioning at the correct temp ? I am using Windows ME, as i said at the weekend i completely restored my system using the Tiny Restore disc.

  Tog 11:09 22 Jan 03

There is usually a fan and a big heatsink on the CPU chip, also you may have a case fan.

You can sometimes check temps in the BIOS but this doesn't give you any idea of how hot the CPU gets when it's working hard. For that you need a motherboard monitoring utility that will work on your model of motherboard. Have a look in the PCA downloads section, you should find a suitable one there. Find one that lets you set an alert or alarm temperature

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