Lost Hard Drive

  shaduf 14:14 09 Jun 03

Computer:Fujitsu Siemens 2.0 Ghz
O/S – Windows XP Home Edition.

This morning I began to render a video file on my second hard drive (D) using Pinnacle Studio 8 as I have done many times before.

After 2 hours the program crashed and it and the computer were frozen. I tried to end the task using task manager but was in an endless loop between task manager and the “notify M/S etc etc”.

After giving it plenty of time I switched off the computer. The restart was very prolonged and Windows runs but the “D” drive is not accessible.

It is there in Bios in every detail and Device Manager says it is there and confirms it is working normally but it is not listed in explorer and doesn’t come up in any software who’s data is stored on the drive.

The CD and DVD drives and an external hard drive are all shown and still have their correct drive letters but I don’t have a “D”.

I have tried a Restore to yesterday but it said it couldn’t reverse any changes to the “D” drive because it was either turned off or removed.

How do I tell XP it is there.

  OK Computer 14:18 09 Jun 03

You can see it through Disk Management in Control Panel???

  shaduf 14:35 09 Jun 03


Sorry, not understood!

Where in Control Panel is Disk Management.

  powerless 14:48 09 Jun 03

Don't know how i did that, sorry :-(

In control Panel click ok Administrative Tools and then click ok Disk Managemnt.

"Disk0" will be Drive C

"Disk1" will be Drive D

Do you see disk1 in the window?

  powerless 14:52 09 Jun 03

In control Panel click ok Administrative Tools and then click ok Computer Managemnt, then click disk managment on the left.

"Disk0" will be Drive C

"Disk1" will be Drive D

Do you see disk1 in the window?

  OK Computer 15:58 09 Jun 03

Sorry been on my own prob..

what powerless said!

  shaduf 17:07 09 Jun 03

Ah......Computer Management/Disk Management.

I feel we are getting warm now.

Only shows:
C: Drive (System)
G: Drive (External)
and the two ROM?DVD Drives E & F

Thanks for the help so far, any idea what comes next? I've got a sinking feeling I'm going to be told how to format the missing drive.

  shaduf 20:34 09 Jun 03

Please can someone tell me where my second hard drive (D) has gone.

The Bios see it and has all the details.
Device Manager sees it and correctly identifies it and tells me it's working properly.

Explorer can't see it.
Neither can any program which stores its data on it.

Computer Management/Disk Management doesn't show it but shows all other drives, all correctly but no D drive.

  OK Computer 08:32 10 Jun 03

Have you tried swapping your second hard drive and say your DVD drive?

I had the exactly same problem with Pinnacle Studio a few weeks ago. My PC hung and then wouldn't show the HDD that it had been writing to.

The drive showed in the BIOS, but nowhere else.

After downloading some tools from the HDD manufactures web site it turned out that the drive was knackered. It has now been returned for repair.

Could it be that Pinnacle has a flaw that causes this problem, or is it just because such a large amount of data is being written that it highlights defects with the drive?

  callingman 10:21 10 Jun 03

If the file system on a drive is unrecognised the drive won't show. I think I'm right in saying that a drive with NT file system wont be seen by a system running Win98 although the hardware will be seen by the BIOS etc. Not familiar with your software but I'm wondering if the file system on your drive has been screwed. Not to sure how you would check that.

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