Lost Hard Disk Space

  sibaw 09:51 23 Apr 06

I have an 80gb hard disk, it has 3 partitions:
recovery = 6.99gb
C: = 27.95
D: = 39.60

Total 74.54

Does anyone know where the other 5.46gb went??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:02 23 Apr 06

Don't worry this is the difference in the way tht manufacturers and windows count disk space.

Manufacturer 1G = 1000
Windows 1G = 1024

divide 1024 into 80000 aand get 78.125G knock abit off for formating and master boot record and 74G is correct.

  sibaw 10:21 23 Apr 06

Many thanks

  bremner 11:15 23 Apr 06

Just to clarify

80,000,000,000(bytes) / 1024 / 1024 / 1024 = 74.5GB

Formatting and /or MBR does not in fact effect the reported capacity

  DieSse 13:24 23 Apr 06

Bremner is absolutely correct - and as a point on interest, if you open My Computer, right click on the drive - and select Properties - you will see the size listed in both ways.

Also notice that you will probably have a tad more than 80GB.

Also note that GigaBytes are GB - b means bits - which is a different thing altogether (8b = 1B). Not a problem in this post (we all know what you meant) - but it can become one if used incorrectly in other circumstances.

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