Lost Folder Options

  CDL 17:24 17 Dec 08

I have lost 'Folder Options' from both Control Panel and Tools dropdown menus - XP Pro

This comes together with a regular Windows Defender warning that ********** wants to start up - I refuse it but a few mins. later a similar one crops up - juast a string of random letters.

Thank you

  MAJ 18:19 17 Dec 08

Download, install, update and do scans with:

1. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware(MBAM) click here
2. Superantispyware. click here

They're both free.

  CDL 21:44 20 Dec 08

Thanks for the input MAJ - think I've got it sorted now. (Trouble is I've now got a virus myself (flu) !

  MAJ 21:50 20 Dec 08

I'm just getting rid of it after two weeks.... Get well soon.

  CDL 21:54 20 Dec 08

Cheers !

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