Lost files

  montyburns 18:51 21 Mar 05

My other half has lost a whole load of files

The wierd thing is, we restored the system (we're on XP) to a few days ago, and the folder structure is intact, it's just that all the folders are empty (mainly .doc files, and Excel etc)

Any ideas what could have caused this, where they could have gone - and of course, how we can get them back!!

ps We have some backups elsewhere, but not every file....

  Jackcoms 18:54 21 Mar 05

System Restore would not have helped you anyway.

It only restores system files (as its' name implies) not Office (Word, Excel, etc) files.

  montyburns 18:56 21 Mar 05

To be honest, that is what I thought to - but worth a try

I guess the folder structure would be restored though, even though the files have gone...

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 18:58 21 Mar 05

Have you used file search to see if they have been moved and the recycle bin?

  Jackcoms 18:59 21 Mar 05

No, if the folder structure is Office-related, System Restore would have no effect.

Unless someone knows better, I think your files are gone forever.

Better dig out the backup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:00 21 Mar 05

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  montyburns 19:09 21 Mar 05

Searched the C: drive and can't find them, and deffo not in the bin.

Looks like recovery time!

Thanks for the links!!


  byfordr 23:21 21 Mar 05

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