Lost dvd drives in w7

  sputnick 20:54 PM 11 Nov 11

I have lost both dvd drives. Uninstalling and updating drivers dosn`t help. In drive properties i find reference to registry for these devices is incorrect. I`ve done a couple of system restores but no luck. If i update drivers I get a message that the drivers are up to date.

Any help please

  northumbria61 21:29 PM 11 Nov 11

Have a look here enter link description here

  sputnick 21:35 PM 11 Nov 11

Found solution in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060
edited registry all ok now. hope this may be useful to others.

  bjh 21:51 PM 11 Nov 11

Interestingly, I have just updated a little-used Win 7 computer this evening, and it too has just lost the two DVD drives. Sorted by a registry edit, but I wonder if there's an MS update issue?

  northumbria61 22:52 PM 11 Nov 11

Sorted by a registry edit, but I wonder if there's an MS update issue?

It is a possibility.

  sputnick 11:43 AM 12 Nov 11

I often wonder about MS updates but I would have thought that a restore to before that would solve, but possibly not.

  Strawballs 15:09 PM 12 Nov 11

I know this was a common problem with the RC release but I thought they had solved it with the general release?


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