Dupe 10:28 10 May 07

I recently noticed I can no longer receive Digital TV on my PC. Aerial reception was checked using a portable TV and appears OK. Reinstalled drivers - no difference. Emailed K World (the manufacturer)after finding nothing on their web site but got no reply. The rest of the software relating to DV camcorder use seems OK. I suppose the installed card might have failed but can't see how to check this.

I installed IE7 a few months ago, which gave me a problem with my HP Director (now sorted) and wondered if my DTV problem might have the same cause in IE7?

  Stuartli 10:32 10 May 07

If it's a PCI TV card, try reinstalling the card to ensure it is securely housed in the socket.

If this fails, try another socket if one is available.

  Dupe 11:51 10 May 07

Thanks StuartH but this DTV card operated for 2 years without a problem so I doubt if a connection issue has arisen now.

  Fingees 12:06 10 May 07

It's after a few years that connection problems do arise, due to corrosion of contacts.

Hence removing and replacing does sometimes clean the contacts.

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