Lost desktop

  Hangus 12:34 11 Oct 07

When I start my PC all I get is the wallpaper. I have no icons on my desktop, and no task bar. I can get in to task manager, but nothing is running, it shows system idle 100%. I am using xp, with oe6. Any ideas? I have tried booting in safe mode, but it restarts itself as soon as it has started up. I have tried a system restore from safe mode, but that did not work. In fact every time I have ever tried a system restore it has never worked so I am not sure why they even bother giving you that one. Any ideas please?

  User-1159794 12:55 11 Oct 07

The name of the file that shows your taskbar and icons is explorer.exe,try launching that from task manager. It's a workaround, but it will get you in. If you have the same problem after a reboot, maybe try last known good config. If that doesn't help,possibly virus related,so a scan with all your anti software.

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