lost bookmarks for firefox

  brigtoo 12:43 04 Jan 06

after a download of open office i have no bookmarks. a system restore has not replaced them. ive imported an older set from i.e. also when opening firefox it now requires a little resizing to fit the screen.

  Belatucadrus 12:49 04 Jan 06

Interesting my Firefox bookmarks have also vanished, I had to import from a backup copy. As this machine hasn't got a copy of OpenOffice on, I doubt that's the culprit.
Anybody else experienced this ?

  flimbo 13:26 04 Jan 06

I lost my Firefox bookmarks yesterday too. It happened after a Winamp crash totally unrelated to Firefox. I had to reset my computer by turning it off. Then when chkdsk was running at startup it indicated that the bookmark file in the FF profile was corrupt.

  brigtoo 13:30 04 Jan 06

is there any way they can be reinstalled or is it "start again".

  Belatucadrus 14:09 04 Jan 06

Search for a file called "bookmarkbackups" it should hold a couple of archive versions. Then open the Firefox Bookmarks manager and use the Import from File wizard to import the last suitable file.
Having found a suitable backup with search, I found it easier to copy and past a duplicate to the desktop rather than trawling through endless files with the wizard to dig it out again.

  Hamish 14:09 04 Jan 06
  brigtoo 15:05 04 Jan 06

thanks everybody, used the dasktop method as per belatucardus. this forum comes up trumps again

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