lost acsesories folder

  commando 11:03 08 Mar 03

Help all you clever people!, i`ve lost the acsesories folder, and i dont know how to get it back, i`ve done a search and can not find it obviously can not do sys restore, also can not remember deleting it (im not that stupid)i`m using
o.s ME any good people help me out? much much apreciated

  howard60 11:18 08 Mar 03

control panel - add/remove progs - click on windows panel add remove windows components and then click on accessories and ok it.

  graham 11:32 08 Mar 03

Do you mean the accessories program?

  commando 19:27 09 Mar 03

thanks howard i`ve tied this and still no joy,graham yes i really should have said program rather than folder. any ideas?

  graham 19:37 09 Mar 03

Has it moved to a new position in the program list, or has it found it's way on to the desktop? Other than that, do a search for 'accessories'.

  Eastender 20:50 09 Mar 03

Here's a couple of previous threads that may help.

click here

  Eastender 20:51 09 Mar 03
  graham 21:07 09 Mar 03

commando is possibly on pay as you go! Your last link is looking good.

  commando 12:58 10 Mar 03

Thanks all, i now have it back still dont know where or how it went? but i`m a lot happier now, at least if it happens again i know what to do!!
ref eastender- i`m on a monthly flat fee for unlimited anytime with v21 does that answer you?
anyway thanks again. cheers

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