lost 450 gig hard driver

  Eileanbeag 18:29 03 Jul 11

I thought I was successful in returning my Inspiron 530 desktop running Vista then but since upgraded to Windows 7 but now find that I have lost 450 gigs of C drive. I am sure I have seen the answer here before but please help! When I restored the PC from the disc the computer did not find the drivers but they were saved to the external drive so I installed them from there. I had no option to change the size of disc or partition.

  ICF 19:28 03 Jul 11


  Eileanbeag 19:42 03 Jul 11

That doesn't help. Just noticed C drive has become 10 gigs and D drive 450 gigs.

  ICF 19:54 03 Jul 11

Sounds like you have partioned your hard drive in to two drives. What version of w7 are you running 32bit or 64bit

  Eileanbeag 19:59 03 Jul 11

32 but I formatted back to Windows Vista as the Windows 7 kis only an upgrade

  ICF 20:03 03 Jul 11

I'm confused now so you have 32bit Vista now with a partioned drive C 10GB and D 450GB can you access both drive from Vista?

  ICF 20:05 03 Jul 11

If the above is true then you can merge the two partitions with something like THIS


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