Lost 2nd hard drive.

  Dbdave 15:01 21 Jan 09

I have 2 physical hard drives on my system. The first contained the OS - Vista home premium 64 bit SP1.

The second had several partitions on it and I know it was a dynamic disk.

Since the new install of vista on the first HD, the second HD appears blank. I was given the option to convert it to a basic disk - which I did - thinking it would sort the problem which it didn't.

Any way of recevering the data on the second hard disk?

  rawprawn 16:01 21 Jan 09

You could try Recuva click here but I don't hold out much hope

  Dbdave 17:37 21 Jan 09

Thanks for that. I managed to recover the two most important patitions. I'll have to recreate the final patition, but that's no biggy.

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