Loss of telephone line when trying to connect

  aitch2 12:19 11 Sep 08

My friend is currently having a problem in connecting to the internet, so cannot ask the question for himself. Running WinXP-SP3 and his ISP is Tiscali (BroadBand), but when he is trying to connect via dial up modem, his telephone line goes dead. He has checked with BT who says the line is oK.
Tiscali say it's the in line filter. All his network connections are correct and set up properly but still cannot get on line. I'm lost for more ideas. Any other places to look or things to try?

  oldbeefer2 12:31 11 Sep 08

Why is he trying to conect via dial up when you say he is on Tiscali broadband?

  peter99co 12:35 11 Sep 08

Look in internet options (connections tab) and check never dial a connection?

Just a guess.

  aitch2 12:35 11 Sep 08

Sorry about the confusion. He has an external modem (broadband) not the dial up.

  oldbeefer2 12:41 11 Sep 08

In that case, it does sound as though the filter might be faulty. Worth trying another - they're cheap enough.

  aitch2 12:44 11 Sep 08

Thanks for tha, but have already gone through the internet options etc. Everything as it should be!

  Clapton is God 12:51 11 Sep 08

Does your friend have a filter on every telephone socket which has something connected to it (phone, fax, Sky box, etc)?

  aitch2 12:55 11 Sep 08

No, he doesn't but the line has been ok since he went broadband 2 years ago, and he's done nothing to alter the configuration since then. He hasn't added or removed any programs or made any other changes, but it is just that yesterday he switched on as normal and that's when the problem started.

  Clapton is God 13:46 11 Sep 08

In spite of what you say "the line has been ok since he went broadband 2 years ago", I suggest that he fits a filter to every socket which has something connected to it.

See if that helps.

  aitch2 14:49 11 Sep 08

Just come back from my friends house and only 2 sockets in use with anything connected, both with filters. Culprit found to be the Sagem Modem with the ADSL light being intermittent and dropping the conncetion. When I set up a spare external modem everything ok so he is now back to square. Many thanks for all the help,
Much appreciated

  oldbeefer2 14:57 11 Sep 08

Odd. Shouldn't have affected the telephone line.

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