Loss of power to laptop

  Broooz 05:19 28 Jan 10

I have a Dell laptop about 4 years old. The battery has been getting worse and recently would only last a few minutes. Then recently the power stopped getting through so the charging light doesn't show.

Please can u suggst likely cAuse. I assume laptop would work even with dud battery if charger plugged in. So most likely cause is charger (seems ok from test with meter but quite hard test to do well) OR connection inside laptop.

How do I tell without buying new battery or charger please?


  tullie 07:26 28 Jan 10

Plug it in just to make sure that it will work first.With and without battery installed.

  Broooz 04:29 29 Jan 10

Thanks. No it doesn't work with either but I'm not sure what that means.

  mooly 08:20 29 Jan 10

You really need to try another adapter, however the fact your battery appears duff to may be confusing things.
This is always worth trying,

Remove the battery and AC power and press and hold the power button for 20 seconds or so.
Now reconnect just AC power and see if laptop boots OK

  woodchip 10:38 29 Jan 10

It means the battery and charger needs replacing

  woodchip 10:41 29 Jan 10

If you know how to use a multi Tester I suggest you check the output volts from Mains Adapter should be round the 20volts mark. check bottom of adapter for output. This does not tell you if its supplying enough currant, though volts may e okay

  Broooz 22:49 04 Feb 10

Thanks. Yes the 20 secs didnt work with no battery either. The light comes on in the charger and it appears to be providing the right voltage although it is quite difficult to tell as the male and female part of the plug are close together. Anyway, it appears not to be the charger that is at fault.

Any ideas what could be the problem inside the laptop please?

  northumbria61 23:13 04 Feb 10

Seems like you need both charger and/or battery

click here

  mooly 07:43 05 Feb 10

Another possibility is that there ia a further problem to the battery such as a faulty/damaged socket or cracked print/solder around it... which are common issues on laptops.

Best bet is to see if you can try another power unit first before you buy.

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