loss of power

  loganly 22:22 25 Feb 07

my pc keeps switching itself off during games such has warcraft 3 or when i try to burn dvds have to wait about 30 mins b4 it can be restarted any clues?

  Technotiger 22:24 25 Feb 07

Hi, a bit more info needed - OS and a bit about the hardware would help ....

  skidzy 22:26 25 Feb 07

Possibly overheating.....open the case and check all fans are clear.

If the fans are clear,possibly psu failing.

  wee eddie 22:26 25 Feb 07

There's a high probability that it's overheating.

  loganly 22:37 25 Feb 07

took back off and cleaned not really that bad for dust,fluff etc i have xp2800 512 ram 80gb hd 128nvidea gforce4

  Technotiger 22:40 25 Feb 07

What wattage is your PSU and how old is it - could be on its way out.

  loganly 22:48 25 Feb 07

system is 3 years old not sure about wattage of psu tho !

  skidzy 22:54 25 Feb 07

Try running with the side casing off for a bit,and make sure its well ventilated.

I suspect as we have all said,overheating possibly failing fan or psu.

  Technotiger 22:55 25 Feb 07

If wattage is 350 or less an upgrade to about 500w would possibly help, though before going to that expense, though they are not really expensive these days, I would remove RAM stick(s) and blow out any dust in the slots, then refit stick(s). See if that makes any difference before checking PSU wattage.

  loganly 23:00 25 Feb 07

thanks how can i find out my psu wattage? been on device manager but no luck there ? is it just a case of upgrading to a new psu and what is the cost ?

  woodchip 23:07 25 Feb 07

You need a bigger better PSU

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