loss of pictures in apps

  vs6gyrob 13 Dec 12

Am quite naive with Pc's, Please, what has gone wrong ? where I used to see adverts in , say E-Bay, now I just get everything in words.. I must have done something silly, please help

  difarn 13 Dec 12

Which browser are you using? Where you used to get a picture do you now get a small red x? Is this happening on all websites?

If you are using Internet Explorer you could go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Multimedia, make sure that "Show Pictures" is ticked. f you have Firefox - Tools, Options, Content, tick Load images automatically.

  vs6gyrob 14 Dec 12

Hello difarn, thanks for the reply..I have two browsers Firefox and 'Explorer. The latter is fine , its on firefox where the problem arises. Even this page on PCA is all words .as opposed to 'normal' layout. Have used the Tool-Options-contents, and 'load images automatically is 'ticked'. Thanks again !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Dec 12

Are you using any add ons such as NoScript or AdBlock?

  Woolwell 14 Dec 12

Try in Firefox - View - Page Style and check that Basic Page Style is selected rather than no style.

  vs6gyrob 14 Dec 12

Hello fruitbat, and Woolwell; thanks to you both for the replies// first Woolwell, did a pagestyle check, and thats OK(basic page style ) Fruitbat, yes in 'addons ' I disabled AdBlock- made no difference .. - but-when I clicked 'restart with addons disabled ' (in its safe mode) things behaved normally, for the time being, that is !! Just cannot think what or why things have gone wrong, but then as I said; I am naive PC wise


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