Loss of Gb memory

  tangmanf 21:51 24 Sep 06

Where is all the memory disappearing? I regularly clear the temp files, empty recycle bin, scan for viruses, use c-cleaner to remove unwanted files yet I still lost about a 1Gb of memory over a very short space of time. I do not download any software to use up memory and have been deleting files / images to free up space. I cannot defrag as I only have 7% memory left. Any ideas why this is happening or where the memory is being used up so quickly?

  ed-0 21:54 24 Sep 06

Is this memory or hard drive space. They are totally different.

  ed-0 21:56 24 Sep 06

Open my computer and right click your "C" drive.

What is the total space and the available space?

  Belatucadrus 22:03 24 Sep 06

click here Try Windirstat to identify what's hogging the drive space.

  Input Overload 22:59 24 Sep 06

System restore?

  tangmanf 07:10 25 Sep 06

"C" drive capacity 9.35Gb used space 8.65Gb and free space 713Mb.
I have reduced recycle bin capacity to 5% and system restore to 10% to create space but I still need to look into why it is disappearing?

  johnnyrocker 07:24 25 Sep 06

probably because you are using it up? try deleting some progs etc, try disk clean up for starters.


  gudgulf 09:27 25 Sep 06

For Windows to run efficiently you need at least 15% free space.You need about 1.5GB free.

Many things such as the Temp files (which you know about),Recycle Bin,Page file and Syste Restore can increase rapidly.

You need to do as johnnyrocker suggests and remove some programs.

How much RAM memory have you got?.....You could consider adding more to reduce the the amount of space being actively used by the Page File.

One suggestion for starters...do you have Acrobat Reader?If so uninstall it and try Foxit Reader 2.0 click here which uses only 2MB of system space instead.

  De Marcus™ 09:40 25 Sep 06

DO you have Norton installed?

  Input Overload 11:50 25 Sep 06

Run click here it will show you how your hard drive space is being used, it's free.

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