Loss of Firefox and Counterspy

  Curio 18:15 22 Jun 08

On Friday I installed Firefox 3. AOK. On Saturday I installed an update to Radiotracker. This was a messy download which caused the loss of Firefox and Counterspy, plus occasional freezing of the PC. Uninstalled the Radiotracker update, no cure. Carried out System restore OK but still have no Firefox or Counterspy. Decided to uninstall these two items from Control Panel, but no can do. Counterspy will update but refuses to merge the definitions and will not run past the memory test section. How can I safely uninstall these two items without doing a full format and reinstall everything?

try reinstalling counterspy, and removing with their own installer if that fails click here
i looked at counterspy once and still cannot believe the size of it, its got self defence that cripples itself and is the only security program (except kaspersky file sytem breaker) to slow down my pc, you can be sure it has seen something it couldnt deal with and threw one.

  Curio 20:35 22 Jun 08

Went back to Control Panel. Counterspy had 3 'subfolders' beneath main title in Add/Remove progs. Deleted these. This in turn made the Remove button available in the main file for Counterspy. Deleted that. This deletion made Mozilla Firefox available for deletion. Deleted that. Now back to a 'normal' setup with IE7, which is a lot faster than it used to be. Many thanks adman 2 for the pointers.

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