loss of audio

  prestoni 21:07 25 Jan 08

I have lost audio on anything other than Win media player, for example if I was watching a sports clip or interview on BBC sport I cannot hear anything like wise with a basic ganme I have had emailed me. Anthing being played by Win media player is ok, CD'S etc and anthing on the net that uses Win player as default.

The only difference to my PC this week from last is I have downloaded BBC Iplayer, this worked at first but audio is off on this now. Can any one advise please

  citadel 21:43 25 Jan 08

see if there is a system restore point on the date you installed iplayer.

  prestoni 22:27 25 Jan 08

tried it but didn't work

  eedcam 23:16 25 Jan 08

Cant see anything in Iplayer that would cause that I got it doesnt have any settings for files or anything other than making itor your own player the default player for its files

  eedcam 13:30 26 Jan 08

Hi I spoke to soon this morning I had the same problem CD's would play in my editing programme but bnoyt in Media player or Vlc player .I changed setting in BBc iplayer to use my own player and all is well

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