losing time

  kilted_jockey 12:24 02 Mar 03

my computer won't keep time it loses about 5 hrs in a 12 hr period. when checking the time in a dos prompt it is also at the wrong time. any ideas welcomed. thks.

  powerless 12:29 02 Mar 03

If you have installed any new software lately the software maybe the cause.

If not...

Then the CMOS battery on the motherboard is dying and will need to be replaced.

  DieSse 12:31 02 Mar 03

If it loses time when the system is switched off, then it's probably the battery on the motherboard.

If it losese time when the system is running, then it's a software issue.

The battery only keeps the clock running when the system is off - when it's running the time is kept by the OS.

  Daibus 14:35 02 Mar 03

Try this patch !

This package will correct Windows XP Home and Professional systems that have a system clock losing time. You must now install the file tsreset.bat on your system. To install the file please follow the instructions below.

The computer user should be logged on to the system with an account that is a Computer Administrator.

This file contains the fix needed to correctly set your Windows XP system clock and avoid any further time loss on your system.

Follow the steps below:

1. Select the "Install Now" button below to run the tsreset.bat file.
2. A Command Prompt (DOS) box will appear on you desktop with the following: The Windows Time Service Is Stopping.
3. A series of DOS commands will then run correcting the time issue.
Note: the error message “access is denied” will appear. However, this is normal and expected. It will not prevent this file from correcting your time loss issue.
4. The Command Prompt (DOS) box will close when the installation is completed.
5. Click on the START button.
6. Click TURN OFF COMPUTER in the lower right portion of the menu.
7. The Turn Off Computer dialog box will appear.
8. Select RESTART.
9. Once Windows XP has rebooted your system is ready for use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you select 'Install Now', you may be given the choice to Open this file, or save this file to your computer. You MUST select 'Open' this file for the installation to work.

Copyright Dell Computer Corporation 2002

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