Losing right side of some web page prints

  Trikie 12:34 05 May 04

When printing from some websites the last inch or so of the on screen text is missing from the print. Is this a fault of the web page or can I adjust something.

  johnnyrocker 12:36 05 May 04

try file/page set up/landscape?


  Pesala 12:48 05 May 04

It allows scaling and print preview.

  stlucia 13:21 05 May 04

As johnnyrocker says, set the paper to landscape. Or, depending on your printer, you may have the option to "scale to fit to page" or something similar. If it's there you'll probably find it under the "Effects" tab when the print dialogue box comes up.

You may also find you've got more or different options if you use "Print preview".

  Sethhaniel 13:36 05 May 04

tick Scale to fit

  Sethhaniel 15:50 05 May 04

Page setup -Printer - properties - effects -Print Document on A4

  Trikie 23:14 08 May 04

Thanks for all the suggestions but I'm not quite there yet. Reducing the margins to 5mm helped; I am printing on A4; going to landscape seems very wasteful on paper; can't find a "fit to page" although I get this when using Windows XP Wizard to print photos and what is Opera?

By the way, the printer is an Epson R200

  end 13:49 09 May 04

glad someone else is having the same problem...thought it was just "me".......its very annoying to lose that bit of the page, especially where it contains a rather vital part of a word....!!!!

  end 17:51 11 May 04

before I "attack " this, should this "work " the same for my HP Deskjet 840 printer???

  spuds 18:05 11 May 04
  reddwarfcrew 18:09 11 May 04

... that resizes the web page to nicely fit your A4 paper.

I had the same problems until I got my canon print.

You may be able to download it from Canon as it an IE6 addon.

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