Losing my memory - 960mb of RAM?

  rickd 19:22 18 Jun 07

I have 2x512mb RAM in my year old XP PC, but most times when it boots, the boot screen shows just 960mb, though sometimes 1024. I have taken the sticks out and tried reseating them, but had no improvement. Although 960 is more than enough, I am worried that if it boots with 1024, then “loses” some of the memory while running it might crash (I have had a few inexplicable crashes). I can’t really send the RAM back, a) because it’s intermittent, and I don’t know which stick is at fault, if indeed it’s the RAM, not something else, and b) because its MESH and life’s just too short. What’s my best way of solving or diagnosing the problem (reasonably simply), or should/can I just live with it?

  Curio 19:24 18 Jun 07

individually in another PC. If faulty and under warranty contact provider and get it replaced

have you got 64mb on board graphics?

  VoG II 19:25 18 Jun 07

Do you have on-board graphics? That could account for the 'missing' 64MB.

  rickd 20:52 18 Jun 07

No, there's a separate graphics card, plus its intermittent RAM loss. I guess I'll need to take one out, then boot and see what it has i.e 512 or less, then swap etc. But its intermittent so could be a long haul and what if its the M/board seatings or something? I was hoping for some clever test software to run? Any ideas?

  woodchip 20:56 18 Jun 07

Sounds like one of the chips is faulty on one stick, but I would have thought it would stop it booting

  wee eddie 21:01 18 Jun 07

but has the on-board graphics been disabled?

  rickd 22:23 18 Jun 07

I don't get this graphics card idea - why should it show less physical ram? OK on board graphics might pinch some RAM to use, but if I go to system info, it should surely say the full 1024 is installed, not 1024 minus anything that's being used elsewhere? Could this really be the cause? Anyhow, I assume the on board graphics are disabled, though have never actually physically done this and the graphic seems fine - how would I check this.
And yes woodchip, I'd understand if sometimes it came up with 512, sometimes 1024, or just didn't boot, but have never seen a RAM stick partly work!

I'll have another look tomorrow and get back.
Thanks for now

  skidzy 22:35 18 Jun 07

If your mobo has onboard graphics this would normally be disabled by default once the graphics card has been installed.

What does Everesthome say click here

or SIW click here

As posted earlier by Raven,try memtest86

Direct download for you,just save to a folder or desktop and burn.Its the cd bootable version.click here

Load the disc once burnt and reboot,this will diagnose your ram for errors.

  rickd 22:41 18 Jun 07

Thanks, I'll try memtest and others tomorrow and get back, plus check that the graphics card is indeed seated and working (I'm sure it is 'tho)

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