Losing disk space

  magnus35 14:44 24 Oct 06

Over the last few days I have downloaded less than 150Mb of data over the Internet yet appear to have ' lost ' 1Gb+ of space on my hard disk . I keep a close watch on the available space and on two occasions it has dropped by much more than the amount downloaded . My biggest ever download in one session was a little over 100Mb yet the disk space was apparently depleted by about 700Mb . Today 30Mb was downloaded but the disk space dropped by almost 400Mb . I have twice used Disk Cleanup and scanned with AVG and Spycatcher Express but can't uncover anything . I thought that maybe I had got the point in the wrong place but have checked this and it is not the case . Could something have been installed without my knowledge ?


  brundle 14:56 24 Oct 06

take a look at which files are consuming the most space...free version of spacemonger click here

  Jackcoms 15:02 24 Oct 06

If you have an OS which has System Restore (such as XP), or use Windows Defender, both create their own restore or 'check' points.

Both of these actions consume quite a bit of HDD space - perhaps not quite as much as you seem to have 'lost' - but it might be worth having a look at how many of these points have been created recently.

  DieSse 17:40 24 Oct 06

Try a Disk Cleanup (Accessories - System Tools) - it'll get rid of Temporary files and Temporary Internet files - there could be multiple copies of the downloads lurking in them.

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