Losing Desktop after games.

  ened 07:20 13 Apr 04

First a note to the Ed. You ask people to accurately describe their problem: I can see why now because I just tried checking with previous threads and so many just said 'Desktop', which is a bit general.
When I play a game like Pinball on Full Screen on finishing I find my Desktop picture has reduced to only a quarter of the screen and the rest is the 'Colour'.
This is easily remedied by right clicking and changing the 'Stretch' back to itself then Apply.
But why is it happening?
Graphics driver is up-to-date.

  MichelleC 08:41 13 Apr 04

Display settings set higher than recommended?

  ened 13:04 13 Apr 04

I do have the display settings set to optimum but the card is an FX5600 with 256meg on board memory.
I have not overclocked it.

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