Losing attaching Folder

  ssftsf01 10 Sep 11


could anybody help me with this problem? Its probably something simple but its driving me mad!! I send a lot of pictures on email; also load pics to photo sites. Ive found, if say I have multiple pics to upload, Ill select the folder the required pic resides in, attach the pic, then return for the next one in the folder I require. This is where I have the problem!

The laptop will not return to the selected folder previously. This means each time I want to upload another picture in the selected file, Ive got to go back right the way through the path to get back into the folder and do the next download.

Does this make sense? This never used to happen; and now its really hacking me off.

Any info anybody has would be much appreciated!


  AroundAgain 13 Sep 11


I don't know the solution to your problem but my 'get around' way would be to create a shortcut and have it on your desktop. That would minimise a bit of the tracing through the file system.

As for putting attachments to emails, using either Thunderbird or OE, I just click and drag the required file across, having opened the file - saves a lot of effort and time.

I don't know if that will help you just now but it' a thought.

Again, sorry it's no help to the actual reason for your problem happening.


  ssftsf01 15 Sep 11

didnt think of that! That might help solve it; It might be down to this laptop.

Many thanks for your help though; much appreciated.

  bachmannmann 16 Sep 11

I only know this for like 3 pics but then my pc adjusts to the selected binder. id also recommend creating a shortcut to your pictures ina prominent places. and name it so itll be on top of the list (if u analyze ur binders alphabetically)


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