Loseing the internet.

  March Wind 21:43 16 Feb 11

I keep loseig the internet connection. It said I hadn't the correct Ip something like that then it went again and it gave me a different reason. sometime it will say I cannot be connected to the internet. I am using next doors internet. (my sisters)

  northumbria61 22:35 16 Feb 11

"I am using next doors internet. (my sisters)"

Do you actually mean "next door" - ie. a different house?

  lotvic 23:28 16 Feb 11

Are you only "using next doors internet. (my sisters)" to post on here because you can't use your own?

Or do you not have your own internet connection and you always use your sister's? If so do you have an ethernet cable from her router to your house next door or use a wireless connection?

  March Wind 10:22 17 Feb 11

No i do not have my own Internet connection because I do not live here on a permanent bais so she lets me use hers. Not sure what she did something to do with a number underneath router I think. It is only the other side of the wall

  lotvic 11:01 17 Feb 11

I presume you are using WiFi (wireless connection)
Sounds like she changed the password for the router and secured it. (to stop just anyone in the neighbourhood using her internet)
When you do a search for 'Network available connections' does her router show up with a padlock next to it, or does it not show up at all (hidden)?

Either that or router is not assigning an IP address to identify your pc automatically.

Hard to advise, not knowing how your sister has altered her router set up.

  March Wind 17:32 17 Feb 11

I am using a wireless network connection. My niece set it up for me. I think she had a number off there router, not sure as she did it for me. At the moment I have a very good connection.

As you curently have a good connection , your security setup and that of your sister must be OK. Are you sure your sister isn't switching her router on and off ? or possibly moving it occasionally.

  March Wind 17:49 17 Feb 11

Either that or router is not assigning an IP address to identify your PC automatically.

Once it did say something to do with IP address. I have looked at her basic Internet connection. It has my PC then hers then Internet. Their Internet says Public Network. There isn't a lock around her Internet. My PC is working great at the moment.

  March Wind 17:54 17 Feb 11

I know her Internet is on because I tell her I cannot always get onto the web and she says it on and that theirs is working alright. Maybe the router gets moved but only on the PC desk no where else.

  northumbria61 12:21 18 Feb 11

The only other suggestion I could make would be to purchase a "Wireless Range Extender" (although I have never had the need to use one) such as this click here

It is sometimes recommended to purchase the same make as your Router to ensure "compatiblity" but I am not sure that is necessary. Interesting article here if you are not already aware of what they are or do click here

There are "Wireless Access Points" listed here click here

They do come in a variety of makes and prices.

I can't advise any further on usage but there are setup instructions available to look at on the Internet should you wish to see more information before making a decision.

  northumbria61 12:25 18 Feb 11

The latest thing is the Homeplug with 54Mbps WiFi Access point which plugs into your home mains socket click here

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