Looong POST delay

  stejsmith 11:31 03 Oct 08

I recently moved house. Since the move, most things on my Windows XP PC seem to be working OK. However, when I first switch on, it seems to take an inordinate amount of time to get past the POST check. It doesn't state there's any problems (the memory check runs OK and all the drives are listed OK), but after it displays all that, it seems to hang for a very long time, over 30 seconds and getting close to a minute, before beeping and continuing with the boot.

The rest of the bootup goes as normal, it's just the initial delay which is concerning me, as it didn't do this before the move. Can anyone help me?

  PO79 11:55 03 Oct 08

I would remove the side casing, and physically check all memory modules, pci cards, graphic cards and hard drive dvd\cd ribbons are seated correctly, and also all psu connections are tight onto the mobo and hard drives etc. Sounds like something came loose during the move.

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