Lookout for Android - Credit card detail question

  compumac 21 Jan 12

My credit card along with quite a number of other peoples was compromised about three years ago. My card was cancelled and a new card issued. I have installed a trial of Lookout (antivirus/malware) onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab and also my Galaxy S phone. Subsequently the trial is about to expire and so I went through the motions of purchasing the Premium package in order to establish the costs of this. From my Galaxy S phone I clicked on the Lookout icon and clicked onto Update. This took me to a black background screen showing the last numbers of a credit card and also an option to choose an alternative credit card, there were no logos are any other text showing. The credit card last numbers displayed were the numbers of my old/compromised card from three years ago. I did this exercise four times with the same dialogue box being repeated. I have had no dealings with Lookout and cannot understand as to how my old card details could be held there. The e-mail address being used in connection with this was not in use three years ago.

I contacted Lookout and they were unable to throw any light on this. I then again looked into upgrading to Lookout premium going yet again via the icon on my S phone and was taken directly to a page with the Lookout logo etc. At this time I am still uncertain as to whether to go ahead. My question here is: - Can anyone explain as to how my old credit card details could be displayed in this manner after three years have passed?

Do you have a Google account - e.g. a gmail account? Might you have used your credit card in relation to that account? I'm thinking of the relationship between Android and Google. It never ceases to amaze me how much Google knows about me...

  compumac 21 Jan 12

Yes, I do have a Google account, but I am not aware of ever using that e-mail address to purchase anything.

  morddwyd 21 Jan 12

"I do have a Google account, but I am not aware of ever using that e-mail address to purchase anything."

You are running an Android device (two actually), and you presumably gave your Google e-mail address and/or account number when you registered and set up your devices.

If you downloaded any paid application to your phone or tab, or even a trial you didn't go on to purchase, it probably went through your Google account.

  compumac 21 Jan 12

morddwyd I have not downloaded any trial or given any credit card details via either phone or pad.

  morddwyd 22 Jan 12

No, but you have you synched either of your devices with your PC/laptop, for instance so that you can check your e-mail?

If so all information will have been sybched, including purchase history on your Google account, assuming that you have, at some time in the past, used your Google account to purchase something.

  compumac 22 Jan 12

My Tab and my phone are both synchronised for the calendar, but I do not have any history of purchasing of anything knowingly through Google.


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