Looking for a web host that isn't awful, and my money back.

  Zenra 11 Mar 12

Hello, I have a php forum and attached website (.co.uk) with one SQL database. I have recently been looking for a web-host that isn't so awful I feel like I'm being scammed. I'm currently with Streamline and they just renewed without telling me, it cost me hundreds of pounds and nearly put me in the red. The forum feels like it's on a 56k modem and I have had nothing but trouble with them. Is there any way to get my money back and transfer to a new web host? Are there any web-hosts with good features and FTP access that aren't either really expensive or have terrible reviews? I'm really stuck at the moment and can't find a single review site that seems impartial.

The only sites I've found that look 0k so far won't support .co.uk domains.

  Proclaimer 11 Mar 12

I use http://www.storminternet.co.uk/ and find them to be excellent service providers and they have expert customer service.

  Forum Editor 11 Mar 12

"...it cost me hundreds of pounds and nearly put me in the red."

What for - not simple web hosting, surely?

Virtually every web host in existence will host .co.uk domain names - there's no reason why they shouldn't.

Take a look at Heart Internet I've used them for years, and have found them to be excellent.

  Zenra 13 Mar 12

Yes, it was hundreds, my bill was for over £200. :( Is there any way I could get this ludicrous amount back?

  Forum Editor 13 Mar 12

What exactly were you billed for, and for what period?


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