Looking for a "Shredder"

  Flak999 16:51 06 Jul 06

Hi, I am looking for a freeware data shredder program. I currently use the McAfee shredder that comes as part of their "quickclean" program. However I now wish to uninstall this and use ccleaner as the McAfee program is very resource hungry and keeps nagging me to upgrade.

Can anyone give their recommendations as to which shredder is best?

Thanks in advance...

  Belatucadrus 16:55 06 Jul 06

Eraser click here Excellent
UltraWipe click here Very good.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 06 Jul 06

SuperShredder click here

  woodchip 17:14 06 Jul 06

If you have some funny stuff on your comp it will only cover it up

  Flak999 17:24 06 Jul 06

Not really sure what you mean by funny stuff. Why will these programs only cover up files marked for shredding?

  De Marcus™ 17:25 06 Jul 06

Eraser is an excellent little app

  SB23 18:21 06 Jul 06

As above, I use eraser,very good.

  Belatucadrus 18:33 06 Jul 06

"Why will these programs only cover up files marked for shredding?"

Because that's what erasers do, no data on a hard drive is destroyed as such, it's just overwritten. A shredder will layer between 1 (Pseudorandom) and 35 (Gutman) layers of gibberish over a file, thus rendering recovery impossible. The more layers, the more secure, but the longer it takes to process.

  woodchip 23:00 06 Jul 06

When you do the above, This is what I red. Think of a fat car tyre that makes a track. As drives have rough tolerance, i.e the trake when wiped only does the middle bit both edges are often missed. That's why you can format you drive several times without writing anthing to it. An Undelete or unformat program can get it back. You can use so called zero fill it is only the same

  Input Overload 01:03 07 Jul 06

Have a click here.

  bremner 08:51 07 Jul 06

Formatting does not touch the data on a hard drive, it therefore remains intact and recoverable until such toime as it is overwritten by a new file.

Eraser and similar programs overwrite the existing data with zeros or random data making the previous data unrecoverable.

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