Looking For AN Old BIOS Update

  Crosstrainer2 09 Nov 11

I have trawled the usual places, but discovered that the motherboard in question:

Elite Group KN1 SLI LITE

Was manufactured during the crossover from Phoenix to Award BIOS chips.

The listed BIOS update on the Elitegroup site will NOT work, as It's identified as an Award Bios.

The Mobo in question Has a Phoenix BIOS Chip.

The only way I can find is to use the paid for ($29.99) Biostar application, which finds the update, but wants the cash.

Has anyone got a copy of the flash for this board?

  gengiscant 09 Nov 11

This advice is probably a no no (another mag) but you would be better posting this question on this forum which is more component orientated. Click here.

  Crosstrainer2 09 Nov 11

It's not a no no I don't think, but it eventually leads me to the pay site. The fault is that one in ten boots results in a black screen error message asking the user to change the CPU frequency.

When I owned the machine, I just lived with it, went into the BIOS, adjusted the CPU frequency and re-booted. Trouble is, it's now owned by an elderly couple who have no knowledge of BIOS related matters at all.

I guess my neighbour (it's his parents who now have the machine) will have to pay the money. It's an old machine one of the first to use SLI and has 2x Nvidia 7600GT cards in it.

My only other option is to re-build using a spare motherboard (Asus) and re-install Windows (again) I hope he pay's.....Don't want to go through another re-build if it can p[possibly be avoided!

Thank God for mac's!

  gengiscant 09 Nov 11

It's not a no no I don't think, but it eventually leads me to the pay site. Not sure I understand you.When I click on my link it takes me to the forum where you have the opportunity to register which you would need to do to post a query.


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