looking for monitors with no edges

  maniek453 19 Sep 12

I considered to buy 3 monitors for surround view. I do have 3D vision for last few years and Samsung SyncMaster 2233. I am not intresting of 3D any more, as i don't use at all - as if I spend too long on your pc it makes my eyes really hurt What I am looking for is a monitors with no edges or very small edges (like few milimiters). The monitor that i have got now has got just over 1cm edge if i put another one right next to first one, it will give me a thick black edge 1 inch wide. I have seen on NVIDIA web screems which are made it with lovely no edges. i can see a TV now with almost no edges but i can't find monitors like that, could you please tell me where I can find this product.

  northumbria61 20 Sep 12

The monitor that i have got now has got just over 1cm edge

Are you not able to find another one of these or is this the 3D one you are referring to?

  hastelloy 20 Sep 12


He wants 2 without the 1cm edge so that there is no blank area between the screens.

  northumbria61 20 Sep 12

marvin42 - Gotcha! must be too early in the morning for me.

  KRONOS the First 20 Sep 12

Sorry but couldn't resist it. Look here.

Naughty Chronus... In fairness to the OP, one needs to know that the correct term for an 'edge' is a bezel. Success with Google is usually dependent on using the correct terminology.

  KRONOS the First 20 Sep 12

Ian in Northampton

Yes I know,but in fairness I did apologise before I posted.LOL.


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