Looking for a low budget monitor

  spuds 06 Oct 11

Having just purchased a new computer, I am now considering purchasing a low budget price monitor, that will suit the purpose of average normal daily use, general correspondence and internet surfing, not high end gaming. The preferred screen size would be in the region of 18.5 to 22.

Two 18.5 models that I have in mind is the Samsung Sync Master E1920N (Ebuyer code 259578) or LGW 1946S-BF (Ebuyer code 194601), but I am open to suggestions, up to a budget of £60 to £120.

  gengiscant 06 Oct 11

What sort of connections are you wanting? VGA-DVI-HDMI?

  chub_tor 06 Oct 11
  Border View 06 Oct 11
  spuds 08 Oct 11

Thanks guys for the input.

Does anyone else what to add, before I tick this post as resolved, and make the purchase?.

  buteman 08 Oct 11

If no TV in the room and you get bored with the computer you could get a TV/Monitor for that bit extra.

  spuds 08 Oct 11

buteman, we have tv's in most of the rooms, some are connected to the cctv system, freeview and satellite.In most cases the content is so boring, that sanity is via the computer ;o)

  buteman 08 Oct 11

Yes I have to agree all you seem to get is adverts on the TV and it is the same on most channels.

Plus very few decent channels to watch.

Get bored with the computer as well but it is either that or painting and decorating.

looks like the computer wins.

  buteman 08 Oct 11

Some fairly cheap ones here.


I liked the 24" one but that is outside the size that you wanted.

  QuizMan 08 Oct 11

I have to agree with Borderview. I bought one a few months ago and am delighted with it. It displays in full HD 1980x1020 if you need it. There is no HDMI connector, but unless you want to rig up a home cinema system to it you don't need that anyway. For normal PC use, DVI is fine.

  QuizMan 08 Oct 11

Should be 1920x1080 - apologies


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