Looking for a high-end computer.

  GlassParasol 26 Aug 12

Hello there,

I’ve been searching for a computer that is up to doing the job for running high-end games, running smoothly and would be great for some years. I currently only have a budget PC that was meant for business more than anything else, and when I’ve researched into it, it’s just not worth upgrading it. I’ve looked into a number of pre-built computers, but seeing as I’m a complete novice when it comes to knowing which one is right, and because it’s a lot of money, I really would like a bit of help, please. I’m sorry also, but I cannot currently build my own computer.

My price range is anywhere between £900-£1,200. So far I’ve looked into PCworld (which I’ve heard isn’t the best place) and the makers of computers, mainly being Medion, Alienware and Novatech, since quite a few sites have said they’re good quality computers, and also nVidia and Radeon for graphic cards. I’d also need a new monitor/keyboard/mouse and a printer (but could get the printer separately later on.) Any other places or certain computers would be helpful though, and if you need more specific details, let me know.

Thank you. - H.

  KRONOS the First 26 Aug 12

The places you have looked at so far are rather down the list if I had that sort of money to spend.

I would look at these suppliers.




  frybluff 26 Aug 12

When it comes to high-end gaming, some games run better, on one system, others run better on another. With a knowledge of any games you particularly want to play, it's possible to give more detailed advice.

With a budget of £1200, you can certainly get a decent system. Of course, if you felt able to build your own, you'd get even better.

For starters, have a look at Chillblast's site. They are one of the best, for custom systems. If you say which games you particularly want to play, we can advise on which of their systems might be best for you.

  GlassParasol 26 Aug 12

Thank you for the links and replies. I didn't realise there were better options out there than what I'd looked at so far. Currently looking at a few on Chillblast.

For games, there's kind of a range I'd like - from The Sims 3 and it's expansions to the more recent games, such as Portal II and Skyrim - demanding games. But it's a lot more of the upcoming games late this and early next year, such as Tomb Raider and open-world games. I'd also like to be able to run video/photo software such as Sony Vegas and Photoshop more fluidly. My current computer can barely run anything and I'm lucky if it'll be half-way decent.

  iscanut2 26 Aug 12

Also, have a look at Cougar Systems..

  iscanut2 26 Aug 12
  GlassParasol 26 Aug 12

Thanks, I'll check that link out too.

  frybluff 26 Aug 12

Anything with an i5 processor will work well with photo software. nVidia graphics work well with Photoshop, although that only really makes any difference with video editing. nVidia graphics also work well with games like Skyrim and Portal. Of course, it's impossible to know what may be best for upcoming games.

The most powerful gaming PC, on Chillblast site, given your budget, is probably their Fusion Thunderbird. That has nVidia GTX670 graphics, which would be ideal for your needs. Check it out, and if you like it, someone can advise on any "customising"

  GlassParasol 27 Aug 12

Thanks for the reply and for explaining everything.

I've looked over the Fusion Thunderbird and I believe it could be what I needed, given your explanation, the specifications and researching into it a little more. This would run things to a high standard then?

What would I need to customise?

  frybluff 27 Aug 12

The basic combination of i5-3570K and GTX670, is as good as you can get, without either building yourself, or spending a lot more money, it terms of overall gaming performance, and competance at other things.

In terms of customising, first you need to add in the essentials, like monitor, keyboard etc (you can always shop around for better deals). Then any "options" you need eg wi-fi, sound (if not inc in monitor). Then you can see where you are, in terms of budget, for any upgrades.

Firstly, the system, as it stands, is OK. It doesn't NEED any changes. IF finances allow, I would upgrade RAM to 8GB Corsair 1600MHz (definitely worth it), power supply to Corsair 750W (more reliable), and case (basic one is a bit "budget"), a better one will last longer and keep components cooler. Fractal, Corsair, and Coolermaster are all good.

Your biggest choice is whether you want Chillblast to overclock the CPU. Overclocking is a great way to get extra "free" performance. It can have a downside, in terms of reliability, and stability. PERSONALLY, I think "modest" overclocking is the order of the day, and that's not difficult to do, yourself. I do think that when Chillblast overclock, they go a bit OTT, certainly for a basic cooling system, unless you want a noise like jet engine, next to you. I would say, forget factory overclocking, of processor, but I'm sure lots of people would disagree.

  iscanut2 27 Aug 12

I agree with frybluff, I would not overclock. Cowardly, I know, but should be fast enough for a home user anyway !


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