Looking for a good MP3 burning program?

  jamesy74 23:27 28 Mar 05


Hope someone can help. Have been using Nero but it doesn't burn the way I want it to. I have 6 albums that I want burn in a particular order but it won't let me. It just defaults into track numbers or names.


  AndySD 23:32 28 Mar 05

Rename the start of the tracks in the order you want...01 Name...02 name

  Paranoid Android 23:58 28 Mar 05

I use musicmatch jukebox. Once the tracks are on the hard disk, you can burn them to CD in any order you want.

click here


  goonerbill © ® 00:22 29 Mar 05

just put a number in front of the album/track title, should work. use windows media player 10, great for MP3's but also copies to WMA as well, much better than MP3.

  jamesy74 09:21 29 Mar 05


I thought MP3 was better quality than WMA?

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