Looking for definition for "dumpware" please

  PrairieClover 18 Jun 13

Could someone define the term 'dumpware' in easy to understand terms to me?

If someone were to use the term dumpware to describe an online directory would it mean that the directory is full of information isn't useful?

  wiz-king 18 Jun 13

Programs you don't pay for and you can dump when you don't want it anymore. (often used for the programs that come with a new PC)

  Nontek 18 Jun 13

Also known as Bloatware.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Jun 13

or Crapware

  Dragon_Heart 21 Jun 13

The PC ad will read something like " only £xxx and comes with 20 Gb of extra free software"

When you get your new toy home the "20 Gb of extra free software" is most probably time limited trial versions, limited function versions of purchased software, old versions of software, software you could have downloaded free or for example a movies maker type programme which leaves a logo across the video or you can't save the finished video to your hard drive or DVD.

When you delete them it can leave your PC registry cluttered so I would suggest getting a free AND USEFUL bit of software called CCleaner

  lotvic 21 Jun 13

'dumpware' in easy to understand terms = useless unnecessary unneeded programs not worth bothering with.


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