Looking for decent printing software - any ideas?

  Dick_Dastardly 22:37 26 Jul 06


I have an Epson R220 printer, and I print all of my photo's out on 7" x 5" photo paper. Annoyingly, the Epson bundled print software only offers support for 6x4 and A4, so this leaves me a little stuck.

I'm looking for some software (free or paid) that offers plenty of sixe options, is easy to use and will allow me print my (substantial) photo's out - any suggestions most welcome.



  sil_ver 22:45 26 Jul 06

Have a look thru' this lot click here

  Stuartli 22:46 26 Jul 06

I have an R300 which uses the same print engine.

The printing preferences configuration includes virtually every size possible up to A4 and also User Defined.

Have you checked out the configuration in printing preferences properly.

In any case a good photo editing program usually includes print sizes that can be used.

By the way, 5x7 is 13cm x 18cm.

  Stuartli 22:49 26 Jul 06

The R220's specification states: "Long lasting borderless photos from 10cm x 15cm to A4."

  DieSse 22:49 26 Jul 06

Why not just use the standard Windows printing routine - mine offers a user-defined size as well as loads of others (though not 7x5 as a standard.)

I feel sure this must be a Windows thing, and not specially for HP.

  Stuartli 23:15 26 Jul 06

>>and not specially for HP.>>

It's an Epson R220...:-)

  DieSse 23:41 26 Jul 06

Yup - I've got an HP - that's why I said I thought it would be general (ie for his R220) and not just for an HP.

I must have been looking at mine and typing at the same time you were - that was why I appeared to repeat the "user-difined" thingy.

  Woolwell 00:02 27 Jul 06

The Epson specs for the R220 lists 13cm x 18 cm paper as being supported. My D88 has this option and in brackets after 5 x 7. I don't bother using the Epson Photo print software but use photo editing software (Serif PhotoPlus normally) or, as DieSse, the Windows printing routine. I can set the preferences for paper size to 13 cm x 18 cm using that.

  Gongoozler 06:22 27 Jul 06

On my R220, it's File - Print - Properties - Main - Size. I get loads of sizes, including 13 x 18cm (5 x 7 in) and User Defined.

  oldal 08:45 27 Jul 06

The paper size choices on my R340 includes a "user defined size" are you sure there isn't this option on the R220 ?

  €dstowe 08:52 27 Jul 06

Having a number of Epson "R" series printers I can say that the software is pretty much identical for each of them.

I think you need to search a little in the guides and instructions given with the software (Start -> All programs -> Epson)

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