Looking for classical music.

  wolfie3000 17:30 13 Mar 09

Im after some cd's that feature classical music that feature oboe and harpsichord,

Not together in the same songs but classical pieces that feature them.

Preferably on actual cd's rather than places like Itunes.

Im not really after huge symphonies but rather music like Vivaldies Winter,

More relaxing and slow tempoed.

Links to cd's on Amazon would be ideal.

  wolfie3000 17:31 13 Mar 09

I just noticed that i posted this in the helproom, sorry can FE move please thanks.

  Arnie 18:29 13 Mar 09

wolfie, If you wish to listen to classical music per se, why not try this excellent midi site?

Some good Mozart, Händel and Vivaldi.
You’ll be surprised at the quality.

Also, scroll down on George’s site for other links

click here

Incidentally, let’s see if PCA’s site can cope with the umlaut.


  Arnie 18:31 13 Mar 09

I see it did perfectly.

No xenophobes here then!


  Newuser38 18:42 13 Mar 09

Vivaldi also wrote Concertos for Oboe and strings.My CD is pretty old Produced by Sony Classical SBK 60711 but I guess a google might give later cd's. Concerto No 12 in F Major and 6 in C major.are for Oboe and Orchestra.

Haydyn wrote a concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra 'Concerto in D major' again mine is old 1988.

Both sets of music are certain to have been re-recorded.

  wolfie3000 19:06 13 Mar 09

Thanks for the midis but they sound like bad ringtones,

  Newuser38 19:15 13 Mar 09
  Newuser38 19:19 13 Mar 09

and one more click here

  DieSse 19:58 13 Mar 09

I subscribe a pittance per year to Naxos - totally excellent source for classical CDs and downloads, and on-line listening (on-line free with the subscription).

A "must-look-at".

click here

Also includes, Jazz, Nostalgia, Classic Rock, and loads more. Fantastic source.

  wolfie3000 03:18 14 Mar 09

Thanks for all the links guys, looks like i will be busy on amazon. :)

  laurie53 08:37 14 Mar 09

Do you have another link for Naxos? While that one opens I cannot go anywhere else on the site.

Now tried to subscribe from two computers using two browsers but get nowhere

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