Longer cable for Monitor?

  wallbash 13:05 11 Apr 04

Is it possible, or even wise? to 'extend' the monitor cable. via an extention??
Would find it easier if my beige box was further away!

  Sion 13:11 11 Apr 04

yes u can buy extension cables. click here for a 1.8m version. but there are plenty more on ebuyer, just ype in monitor cable in to the search engine and hey presto ! happy shopping

  seedie 13:16 11 Apr 04

Saw one in B&Q yesterday. Forgot how much


  wallbash 13:24 11 Apr 04

Thanks for info. will move the box!!!

  harps1h 13:33 11 Apr 04

i bought an extension cable but that it left a shadow on the lettering and also a blur in any games. took it off and found that i had a far sharper image. it's not a thing to do that i would recommend

  mrdsgs 15:42 11 Apr 04

better to replace the cable with a longer one rather than use an extension. the "shadow" problem is very common with extension cables.

As with most things you ghet what you pay for,budget cables will give budget performance.

A quality brand like belkin will give perfect image. I have a triple monitor set up through a vga powered splitter and run 4 computers through a kvm switch before this and the image quality is excellent from 3 of the machines. The fourth has 5 metres of vga cable and that only shadows a bit on high screen resolutions (1280X1024)


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