Long Windows XP Logo Startup

  williamj 23 Feb 12

Before Windows opens the Windows XP Logo runs twice before windows starts. I have stopped every start up program on the Start menu, but no change, as I assume all the programs start after the Logo has finished. Anyone got any thoughts on why the Windows XP logo should run twice and carry out about 30 sweeps of the BLUE squares.

  Terry Brown 23 Feb 12

Open the Control Panel and have a look at Scheduled Tasks to see if anything in there is causing it. I assume you have checked Msconfig system.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Feb 12

Sounds like you have a driver problem.

  WhiteTruckMan 24 Feb 12

I'm more inclined to think bloatware. I agree with Terry Brown - check out msconfig. Untick everything that isnt absolutely necessary for the machine to run. Leave antivirus, systray, anything to do with video/audio, and wireless networking if you use it. Remember, you arent actually deleting or uninstalling anything, and if it doesnt solve the problem then siply tick the boxes again.

But it could also be just lack of memory. if you have much less than 1 gig then XP is going to limp along. 512M and it's slow. Mainly because it's letting virtual memory manager have it's wicked way. Not a lot you can do about that unless you have 2 physical drives (not logical) in which case you can override the vmm settings and use the non boot drive as virtual ram. In fact, for older systems its not a bad use of a small hdd (1-10gig) to install it purely as dedicated virtual memory. Not as good as ram, I know, but hey, if its gathering dust and the budget is tight (isnt it always!) then it's better than nothing.


  williamj 24 Feb 12

Thanks Guys. Re Memory: The P.C. has 1.5GB Ram and HDD 80GB only 1/2 used. Virtual Memory set in Custom to Max 672MB. Checked Error log and repeated error is ONSCAN service failed to start due to following error, the system cannot find the specific file. On Misconfig: No Conflicts- Forced Hardware and I/O. IRQ's & Memory all O.K. On Devices/ Hardware. "Problem device psc 2100 Dot4 Error Code 38. My Printer. The device was uninstalled but on Reboot it was reinstalled. So my problem still persists, as stated in my 1st entry.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 24 Feb 12

AS per my first post - you have a driver error - in this case the printer drivers. Uninstall ALL printer software and drivers.

Use CCleaner to clean the registry and repeat several time untill no issues found.

reboot the machine and see if the problem has gone away - then reinstall the printer software.

  williamj 25 Feb 12

Fruit Bat, Considered doing a 'Restore' operation, but decided to go with your uninstall of the printer. The C/D associated with the HP Printer offers the uninstall feature, and I use it, so the uninstall was complete. Restart then had eliminated the double run of the Windows XP logo. Good. I then made a comparison of start up with Bootvis and the Driver Install time was reduced from 84.92 sec to 15 sec. Great Re installed the Printer and all looks good. Many thanks for your help.


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